We first met in 2007 at Lowe, when we were both starting out in the advertising world. It wasn’t an easy start, as our clashing personalities kept leading to arguments and fights. 4 years later we moved to Y&R, and little by little we learnt how to turn our tension into a constructive value for the team.  

It’s been 12 years of collaboration so far, and we are still happy to fight everyday for a good result.


// About Gibbo //

I was born in Rapallo (Genova), a small city on the Ligurian sea.

My first job experience was in my family's restaurant (ugiancu.it). Being born in it, I started to help out as soon as possible. It has been a constant collaboration throughout my life, even when I was making other experiences such as studying at university.

When I was 7 I started fencing and, at the age of 18, I became a professional athlete for the Italian Airforce Sport Division. During my whole career I was often called to represent the national team around the World.

I graduated in Public Relations at Iulm University Institute of Modern Language and started working in the advertising field in 2007.

I got married in 2012 to Valentina and am now a dad to Giacomo and Flora

// About Lori //

I was born near Milan, in the mid of 80's.

Ever since I was a child I approached art in many different ways. From 2 to 7 I drew and painted. From 5 to 13 I danced. Later I embroidered, played the piano, photographed and collected old alarm clocks. I’m fond of small street markets. Because I like finding small items with unknown stories and make them mine.

I love illustration, typography, graphic design and handmade design.

In July 2007 I got my first job at an advertising agency. Three months later I got a degree in Graphic Design & Art Direction at Naba, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti di Milano.